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generators. >> facilities using generators also include dialysis and assisted living. signal outages are keeping the maryland state police busy. >> there was a point that we had approximately 500 without power. we currently have around 50 troopers out there for the morning rush and evening rush. >> represented from state agencies are working around the clock, assisting local jurisdictions. like monsters provide a real time accounting of restoration -- live monitors provide a real time accounting of restoration efforts in progress. some policies cover food loss. the insurance company is not responding to your satisfaction, contact the state. >> we have a rapid response team at endeavour's to resolve conflicts without the need to file formal complaint. we have catalogers' success with that program. -- we have had a lot of success with that program. >> state officials advise those looking for a free place to escape the heat to dial 2-1-1. they will guide you to the clues we do to the closest cooling center. -- they will guide you to the closest cooling center. >> crews from throughout t
. what can you tell us? >> firefighters think it may have started in the kitchen door back bedroom of the home. it is located on the bay community in anne arundel land happened this morning. they saw the flames and smoke coming through the roof. while the firefighters were searching the home, they found the body of a woman inside. they say she died from her injuries and was pronounced dead at the screen. -- at the scene. they had to travel way to get water to help stop the fire. >> this is extremely stressful which is why we bring in extra personnel to compensate. >> this is the second fatal fire in anne arundel. the results of the fire last week, they went door-to-door passing out smoke alarms and checking them in the home. but they do not think the smoke alarms were an issue in this most recent fire. >> two firefighters issue -- work injured at this blaze of started in a three-story apartment building. part of the building actually collapsed while they were trying to put out the flames. 40 people are now displaced. they're thankful no one was injured. >> we all got out safely. >>
and carroll county. the most severe storms expected to be out to the west of us in garrett county. we love to keep a close eye on the radar. i will be back in a few minutes with the forecast. >> plenty of people will be packing the inner harbor tonight for fourth of july festivities, and city police will have a prominent presence. jayne miller joins us live with details on the stepped up security. >> you can really see it right now. in the past 20 minutes or so, we started seeing all these extra police officers arriving. they are all in uniform tonight. there are detectives on patrol tonight. all the police who are here are in uniform. joining me is the acting police commissioner, anthony barksdale. we were with you yesterday when you announced your said the plan. do you feel some pressure? >> no, no pressure. i believe the men and women of the borrowing to come through. -- the men and women are going to come through. >> what is the key to having a successful night? >> the key to us is to be there and be visible and be alert. look for any problems and get on those problems because review b
dutes is in the heat and monitoring. he tells us what it is like at the stadium. >> it is very toasty outside. i use this as the one excuse out of the year to wear shorts to work today. firefighters at the african- american festival have treated up to 20 people for heat-related illnesses. folks are determined to have fun and trying to stay cool. as temperatures climbed into triple digits, people at the african-american festival did whatever they could to stay cool. misting zones, fans, and bottled water helped to beat the heat. as anyone will tell you, it is still hot. >> not as hot as afghanistan right now. that is a plus for us right now. the uniform is an honor to where anytime you can. >> volunteer firefighters were on hand for emergencies. across the state, nine people have died from extreme heat. doctors are urging everyone to be mindful. >> protect themselves as much as possible. light clothing, using an umbrella, shave. >> emergency rooms have seen an increase in patients from heat- related illnesses because of the power outages and heat. officials are encouraging everyone to
where we get an emergency -- led us to a place or we could get an emergency search. >> investigators say it all ended peacefully, what they did find weapons and ammo. >> 25 firearms, several thousand rounds of ammunition. the fire arms are described as simian automatic rifles and pistols -- semiautomatic rifles and pistols. i think we were surprised by the amount and type. >> we did get a statement from pitney bowes. the company is a government contractor. they offer mail supplies. they say that he was a subcontractor, but he has not been on any been ibos' property for more than four -- pitney bowes property for more than four months. tv 11 news. >> thank you. survivors of last week's shooting make efforts to cope, and one man is trying to help by making a hand made -- handmade crosses of of his home in aurora, ill.. he refuses to take donations beeping his father-in-law was murdered in 1996, and his work -- he refuses to take donations. his father was murdered in 1996, and his work helped him get through that as well. >> gov. martin o'malley made it official today. a special session to
warrant was served on the columbia housing corporation. lowell melser joins us live from howard county police headquarters with details. >> we have been able to confirm that howard county police detectives are looking into one employee at the nonprofit columbia housing corporation. at this point they will not reveal what it is about. if you did not know where to look, you would probably miss it. tucked away in a corner lot in this industrial park in colombia is the headquarters of the columbia housing corporation. according to its web site, it is the premier nonprofit agency in howard county, providing safe, high-quality, affordable rental housing to low and moderate income families and those who are physically and mentally challenged. so why would police served a warrant their wednesday? >> we did receive an allegation of possible improper activity. we have not arrested or charged anyone, but we are still looking into the possibility that there might been something inappropriate. >> we have served a search warrant to gather information that might be useful in the case. >> which tried
to governor o'malley who believes progress is being made. >> and david joins us live from the news room. >> this is a yet to be named gambling commission setting new tax breaks for gaming revenue. the senate president will be briefed at a breakfast meeting tomorrow. >> the are the low-cost special session are now better than a role of the dice. this grows from a consensus regarding a new proposal allowing to set a gambling tax rates. the seven sticking point for some house members. -- this has been a sticking point. >> this is better left to a commission to handle. they can come back and overturning it if it was never something so egregious. what they discussed it with stephanie rawlings blake who declined to speak to reporters. isaiah leggitt. >> let the gaming commission said the raids. i think that the house alternative plan that they offer. >> they all support allowing a commission and they will press their case for table games with their delegations. the state board of public works that the property tax rate. the governor believes the house alternative could generate a compromise a
a worse situation out of a bad situation. the closest store to us is in philadelphia right now. a strong isolate the storm. something isolated could crop up with a storm near philadelphia. there is some storm activity are around the region up toward new york, new eland and back toward ohio and north carolina. -- new england and back toward ohio and north carolina. we will talk about the forecast for the week ahead coming up. >> since the heat is sticking around, emergency cooling centers will stay open for the rest of the week. they will be open from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. if you are concerned about a neighbor, please check in on them. you should call 311 if you are concerned. if it is an emergency, call 911. we also got word this afternoon that 42 baltimore county schools are without power so they will be closed tomorrow. summer school has started yet. officials say staff at the close schools will be contacted about where and when to return to work. it is not just maryland cleaning up after the storm. in d.c., hundreds of thousands are without power and debris is covering the streets
strength in these heroes. >> stephanie refused to go. >> president obama introduced us to stephanie and allie, best friends for life, with the emphasis on life. >> we were lying there, literally in the mouth of help. there is smoke, explosions, bloody, dust. when she hit the floor first. >> i remember opening my eyes. on the ground. there is blood everywhere. i just told her get up. we had to go. >> a bullet had pierced her neck and she struggled to breathe. >> there was blood everywhere. she put her fingers over my carotid artery. what she kept pressure on the wound and try to keep quiet. >> to town meeting be quiet and stay down because he was walking up and down the aisle shooting people. >> she helped carry her friend waiting ambulance, one of the first people she saw, her dad. >> she cannot talk because she has a breathing tube down her throat with avery board to ride on in the first thing she wrote my steph?""where's a simple message to let her know she had not mostar best friend. >> warner brothers has made a significant contribution. in aurora, wbal-tv 11 news. >> as one yea
using a martial arts sword. police shot him. >> they opened the bedroom door, and a man attacked them with a sword. the officer opened fire after his bunker was struck. >> the storage warrant was not for cox. it was part of an attempted murder investigation. a tip led them to the house where they arrested two people charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, assault, and gun violations. police say a boy was picked up and driven to a field in howard county and then shot in the back of the head. he survived. police also say the suspects -- suspects matching descriptions have been seen dealing drugs in the area. christina is extremely concerned and has lived in the neighborhood. >> it is sad, scary, and i am ready to move out of the neighborhood. >> the baltimore county officer is on administrative leave right now. police picked up a third suspect. they believe a 21-year-old was also involved in that attempted murder. >> thank you. meanwhile, our shooting investigation tonight in elders bird. police say two people were shot, one of them fatally, inside a tavern overnight. >> maryland sta
vehicle at which time he fled the area. >> she was tied up with duct tape, using her car, and 1998 -- a 1998 silver lincoln. police got a call not far from 95. the caller described seeing an older woman tied up and gave a tag number that started the investigation. at 6:00 a.m., she was found still bound and in her car not far from her home. >> i saw a white sweater being waived outside the car window. i stopped and rolled down my window and asked the lady if she needed help. she informed me that she was left there and her feet were bound and she was stuck in the car. >> the suspect used her credit card to get gas but what was the motive? >> we do not know what if any relationship there was between the perpetrator of this crime and the family. >> was there ransom demand that any demand for money? >> i can set this time -- say at this time we know of no ransom demand. >> he was a white man in his 30's with a tall, thin build a bearing a white shirt and c amo pants. >> vi and her late husband bought their house in aberdeen in 1966. there have been here long time and everyone knows whe
proper safety precautions. officials are urging everyone to use a sex practices. -- safe sex practices. >> the baltimore county part of once residents know that we can provide them with free hiv and other std services. >> podles is out on bail, awaiting trial. >> new details in the jerry sandusky sex abuse case. the name of victim no. 2 remains closely guarded. he is the one who was allegedly seen in showering with sandusky in the locker room 10 years earlier. earlier this month, an internal investigation found that top university officials concealed the allegations to avoid bad publicity. now, back to the weather. a heat advisory is in effect. tom tasselmyer has a closer look for us. >> that heated by three dozen till 8:00 this evening. that is the main concern, high heat and humidity making it feel like it is over 110 in many areas. as a brick and a storm watch has been issued for our area. the line of thunderstorms is approaching our region and will likely settle land in the next couple of hours. it has been producing damaging winds from the catskills to the poconos. a few tornado w
water so we could not be open. we had to shut down. >> they shut you down? >> they shut us down. >> installing temporary pipes, they're working to get the water flowing to buildings. this manager said it was a perfect opportunity to offer a water main break specials. >> we have a lot of people just coming by to check it out. we're hoping to get extra business from the workers that are around here. the impact on transportation is tremendous. these are two major city blocks. traffic officers are trying to assist motorists 30 tours and changing water -- traffic problems. even rush-hour is a major concern. >> because of the traffic issue, we now want to go to roy taylor released 1911. what's going on with the traffic? >> as we show you live, the workers are working inside the hall. we checked the area out as far as there are other pipes just as all. the challenges to know which is the one that's going to go next and fix a system that has always been a top priority -- that has not always been a top priority. >> this transmission line under repair had been unearthed a revealing deep t
. the clouds parted just in time for the u.s. shooter to take the gold in skeet shooting, the first american to win an individual sport in five straight olympics. >> thank goodness of all came together. >> the u.s. men's basketball belt -- beat france today. and tony parker wondered aloud if anyone was in their class. >> they are a good team. >> one of the saudi arabian first female olympians judo officials say she cannot compete in her head scarf. >> this may be her only event. >> talk of retirement is premature for cogwell, a bronze in her only event, the 400 meter freestyle relay. >> i will stay in shape regardless. i just do not know where the future lies. it will be fun. >> olympics fun was something even today's rain would not diminish. nbc news, london. >> all eyes are on the pool tonight. phelps did not meddle in his first race yesterday coming in fourth. tonight in prime time, the u.s. men in the four 100 relay. the women's gymnastics team is looking to talk the silver medal in beijing. you can see you the interactive schedule posted on our website. you can check out the maryland at
and they told us is a constant battle to stay hydrated. >> it will be 3:00 soon. >> state health officials are very worried about the next couple of days, because they expected 100 or more degree temperatures. a warning to those who have to work outside, especially all of the utility workers trying to restore power. >> we are very concerned about the prolonged heat wave and its effect on a lot of the folks here in the mid-atlantic region. >> according to the national weather service, so far since april this year, 18 days of 90 degrees or more. and two days in june of 100 degrees in -- or more. and with those 100-degree days expected to double in the next couple of days, doctors are urging people to be where. >> do not be foolish. >> one doctor says the e.r. is starting to fill up with patients with heat-related illnesses, and said it is vital that people learn the sign of a heat stroke. >> the warning signs are that you can get confused and irrational. >> get plenty of clear liquid, where lewis night -- where loose fitting clothing -- wear loose- fitting clothing. pools and cooling statio
. now lowell is going to give us our recap of last night's severe weather. what's going on? >> we have dried out quite a bit, which by the way, this is one of the low-lying areas around the city known for flooding. we certainly saw that last night. because of the flash floods popping up, city and state transportation officials have reminders for the next time. >> it was a double whammy of storms to hit the greater baltimore area. first at around 7:00 thursday night and again at around 9:30. as far as flash flooding was concerned, they threw down 2 inches to 4 inches of rain around baltimore city and baltimore county. >> we had some low-lying areas, southbound some lanes that tend to flood out. >> transportation officials did not see anything unusual as far as flooding, but there were reports of flooding at the johns hopkins ambulance entrance and reports of downed trees. >> we were able to respond to downed trees and high water. >> highway officials were busy dealing with close to a dozen flooded state wars and a couple of closures as well. luckily, they say, no lives were put in jeopa
and lows of the recovery effort. lowell melser joins us live outside headquarters with more on that report. good evening. >> this is the 58-page report. anytime there is a major storm that affects more than 100,000 customers, utility companies have to file a report like this one and submitted. this particular one highlights the good and bad with the storm. for some, the late june storm at no power for more than five days and frustrations with bge. >> no power. no street lights. it's dark. it was bad. >> who but now they hand over the major outage event report to the pfc highlighting every move from beginning to end. the events began at 10:30 p.m. june 29th and ended july 8th that to o'clock p.m. and included 760,000 outages making customers wait an average of 38 hours for restoration. more than 11,000 outage jobs from almost 1.5 million calls come up by thousand sections of wire fixed along with about 75,000 fuzes, 380 polls, 375 transformers. >> this is historic. this is a storm no one had never really dealt with, not just here but across the 4 million people who lost power across the reg
high standard that he holds himself to and we are used to sing that level from him. >> everyone expects a lot from him because of how well he did last year. i think he knows what he is doing, though. >> we do expect too much of him. i think we expect him to do too well. no one can do great every time. >> today, michael qualified for the 200 butterfly. he will be swimming for the gold tomorrow night. it can see it right here -- you can see it right here beginning at 8:00 p.m. >> now to today's olympic text question of the day. we asked how you felt about his start. 66% feel optimistic while 34% are disappointed. you can still send your text. perhaps tomorrow's finals will change your mind. where are your home for the illinois games. you can catch donna hamilton and gerry sandusky. >> a defibrillator help save the life of a boy at a swim club. the life guard and a woman trained to be an end give him see empty -- gave him cpr. onnor's law was passed requiring public polls to have aed's on hand. >> thank you everybody, for saving my life. >> a kila little kid there. urban should be able to
serving a warrant on thursday night. we were told that ronald cox attacked the officers using a sword when they arrive to arrest relatives. they did arrest three people as part in an investigation from june and it 15-robo was taken to a field and shot in the head. >> -- 15-year-old boy was taken to a field and shot in the head. >> we do not know how they are related pyrimidine of these folks were involved in the sale of illegal drugs. >> george peoples, or car, and chiquita skeeters have been charged with attempted murder. and baltimore city man is recovering after police say he was shot in the bisect. he was walking with a friend when two men showed up, pulled out a gun and demanded money. they may be victims take off their clothes. one of the friends tried to run away so the suspect shot him in the arm. then they got away. good sounds at bwi as soldiers with the 29th infantry division returned home from deployment in afghanistan. >> i am very proud of him. he is a hero. it feels really good to see him and all the other trips to make it come save. >> when the u.s. calls me up to do my job
in advance of the estimates given to us. immediately following this hurricane-like hit. >> no power, no street lights, it is dark. it has been bad. >> that news has been hard for some like gesten to understand. he and his grandmother had been told that there power would not be restored until friday. dad had to make ends meet like their other neighbors, -- he has had to make ends meet like their other neighbors, running extension cords across the street to their neighbors. >> thankfully, they have power across the street. that is the crazy thing. they have power and we do not. >> susan borrowed power from skipper's generator when she lost power. now that she has it back, she is returning the favor. >> we are helping each other out back-and-forth. >> there are still other looming concerns besides the power being out. so far, four people have died from heat, and it could get worse. >> it is very important to check on vulnerable neighbors and friends. as the heat wave goes on, the risk goes up. >> and steep -- state police say there are still plenty of signals out in busy intersections
the water main in downtown baltimore. our reporter tells us this is not the first time the major artery has had a problem. >> for some, the water main break had a familiar feel to it, as if we had seen this movie before. sure enough, we had. this was the scene on january 11, 1980. jim of mustard brought viewers these images which were vaguely familiar. a 40-inch main burst creating such a force that it blew manhole covers into the air. >> that is an extremely large main. >> as construction crews repaired the busted main and it replaced the parallel 10 inch line, questions are still remaining. it appears history has repeated itself. an assessment was done nearly three years ago and it determined that the line was a risk. >> this stretch of pipe plus the tension was high risk. it was subject to breakage soon. >> and it broke monday during the worst possible time, evening rush hour. officials say are trying to be as proactive as they can with what resources and money they have, pledging to increase the high-risk lines to prevent further catastrophe. >> we're going to go from much less than 5 m
,000 outages using 4700 field and support forces, 1900 of which were from 18 states and canada. 9000 circuit lines were fixed and 444 stations. they took 5000 e-mails about august is -- outages. they still need to see what went right and what went wrong which will come out when the storm is reviewed. trace will become a top priority. >> we will be looking at the network and looking at where are their danger trees, trees that are living in a bad position or limbs that are broken and may come down. >> the worst may not be over. bge is reminding its customers to prepare for severe storms throughout the summer and as we head into hurricane season. >> tonight at tool meant to prevent water main breaks was put to work and city officials have the results of an extensive study. we have a look at the so-called pipe driver and the problem is discovered. >> using high tech equipment like a pipe diver and a special optical cable, inspectors found potential breaks here in southwest baltimore. >> due to proactive work of the baltimore city department of public works, we have gone ahead of a potential seri
:00 this morning in randallstown. sheldon dutes joins us live with the latest. >> there is some good news. no injuries were reported. there is no official count on a number of people displaced. some of the units were vacant. they do not have an official count of those in the occupied units. firefighters said a could have been worse. here is video recorded. the flames are remarkable. they escaped through the roof of the apartment building. the fire happened before 1:00 hundred in the garden view apartment complex. -- before 1:00 in the morning in the garden the apartment complex. they think it may have started in the third floor unit and spread to the attic. 34 units were damage. firefighters estimate 17 were occupied. firefighters have a fire under control in about one-and-a-half hours. but the fire was contained to that apartment and the attic area. >> a lot of water damage to the area. residents were displaced due to the water damage. >> the leasing office and red cross are helping the displaced by a temporary place to stay. no injuries have been reported. firefighters say a working smo
or quantity or the past few days. books have had their umbrellas and jacket handy. people have told us that this rain is a welcome relief compared to the oppressive heat and humidity that has become a staple over the past several years. >> we love the creativity. the rain does not stop us. we love being out. >> the are to get better every year. >> there's always something different to see. >> it is only a little bit of rain. they could use your support. >> it does not look too bad. this year the festival closes an hour later at 9:00 p.m. , now. he may be able to stay dry. will we see more sun or rain? >> that is the question. >> from now on it is going to be more of a spot he drizzle than actual rain fall. that is a little more manageable. many parts of the country put up with that all the time. on the radar most of the significant rain has moved to the eastern shore. a little bit around washington, d.c. there is result everywhere. in the radar does not pick that up. it should continue into tomorrow morning. tomorrow will be a different day. it always is. >> it'll be a dry air day. >>
meets to attend, that is when it hits us. >> swimming events start next saturday on tv-11. you can watch phelps compete for the gold and keep track of the records on >> sheldon, thank you. we will be right >> big development at penn state, and a landmark is gone as foremen removed the statue of joe paterno. they did this i nthe wake of a report that showed the late coach concealed sex abuse claims against retired assistant coach jerry sandusky. crowds flocked to take final pictures. >> i lived here and joe has been like a grandfather to everyone. >> this is one new development. and pete gilbert has more as the ncaa is ready to lay down tough sanctions. a wet week, will tomorrow be the same. >> there is a front to the south. more weather to the northwest. a beautiful evening with 81 at the airport, 82 downtown. very nice. the new santa fe steak melts. get extra grande flavor with the santa fe steak & bacon melt. juicy steak, crispy bacon, and melted cheese with creamy santa fe caesar. or try adding egg for a santa fe steak, bacon & egg melt -- a favorito for breakfast but muy
tax across the state, 1.4 $7 billion in lost tax revenue. david collins joins us live in the studio and has details. >> for anti-tax legislators and others the study confirms what has been discussed anecdotally but others point out that while the numbers are legitimate, the study does not provide the reason why people moved out. rolen's rich taking flight. leading the state in droves. according to the group changed maryland, 31,000 residents have moved, taking with them $1.70 billion in tax revenues. republicans say the study validates what many have thought for years. >> marilyn's business climate has been in decline. the recent tax increases have not helped. >> the study looked at the migration of wealthy residents between 2007 and 2010, during the time the general assembly passed a millionaire tax that expired in 2010. they raised 10 other taxes and fees on various items. >> they need to reverse course with regard to our tax policies. that maryland should not be a high tax state but is having a detrimental impact. thehe goveor disputes findings. the non-partisan study charges the
should use gas and electric grills and some of charcoal. for those who have overdone it, we have seen an example of the tools they have to literally cool people down at a rapid rate to end the excessive heat stroke like the sun machine. >> you can lower the body temperature faster than we would be able to otherwise. we get some fluid in here and we connect to the machine itself. and then these are applied on the sides and your chest and then it can lower someone's temperature quite quickly. >> it's crazy how hot it is. i have been standing outside for five minutes and i'm already sweating. tomorrow, issuing a code red for tomorrow meeting everyone is at risk and it's a good idea to stay inside and cool. >> they say they're restore electric service to more than 90% of those affected by the storm. at last check on power was on to most of the customers, but 16,000 still in the dark. they expect repairs and restoration to continue through the weekend. capt. roy taylor has been observing these through the -- from the year. >> north baltimore, just to show you two homes that are affected. t
supplement to their healthy patients who use energy supplements. seventy-three percent. 5-hour energy has four calories and it's used over nine million times a week. is 5-hour energy right for you? ask your doctor. we already asked 3,000. >> tonight, he is opening day at the olympics. and u.s. swimmers jump into the pool on the first day of competition. baltimore police team up with residents on a day of hope, hoping to build trust and a strong relationships. and it is a hot weekend forecast with the potential of thunderstorms. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> did evening, everyone. warninge weather storm i is in effect. >> in a severe thunderstorm warning is in effect until 7:00 p.m. tonight. most of the action is south of baltimore. baltimore city and elsewhere, there is not a whole lot going on, but there are some pretty strong thunderstorms going to annapolis for now. in severe thunderstorm warning is going on until 6:30 p.m. this evening. in annapolis, you could see wind gusts of 50 m.p.h. ti
, the supervisor thought more personal spaces were needed, so he allowed city workers to use taxpayer money and time to build five parking spots and a motorcycle pat closer to the building's front door. one employee even claim a spot of her own with a professionally made sign bearing her name. >> they asked permission to do so and i said it was ok. >> the maintenance chief of the city's transportation department responsibility for the job but we asked about it. >> you know the parking lot is right there. >> yes. >> does it make sense to spend the money to build the space is when you have plenty of parking steps away? >> after we saw what they did, we thought maybe it was the best thing to do. but it was already done. >> it is outrageous. there misspending the public's money. >> one city councilman is pushing to pass a bill that would require city agencies to be audited every few years. the bill lost 10 days ago and is now back in committee. the parking pad episode, while a modest expense, is an example of why audits are needed. without them, who is watching? >> people know you're not going
football coach says he is still committed to the school despite the sanctions. lisa robinson joins us now from the newsroom with reaction to today's announcement. >> a lot of reaction from current students and alumni. what this means to university students. the matter larger-than-life reputation. -- it had a larger-than-life reputation. alix said he was once eight proud card-carrying member of penn state and now he is dragging going back for his sophomore year. >> the name is ruined. i feel this will follow me after graduation when i'm looking for a job. i feel like someone sees the name penn state, they will not think of what it stood for but what it has become. >> is a former chairman of the board for the university system of the maryland board of regents. >> with the right type of leadership, the institution's reputation can once again be restored. they're going to lose a lot of. they may lose a number of faculty even. this is going to get worse for them before it gets better. >> he is speaking for himself and not the chapter. he says the sanctions were heavy-handed but sees the school
. jack young cannot legally or ethically vote on many important issues. david collins joins us from city hall with a follow-up to a story broke in to jammer. >> since coming to office, jack young says he abstains out of an avoidance -- an abundance of caution. we also challenged that ruling or that exploration because it let him off the hook on a lot of unpopular and tough decisions. since then, he has asked the city board of ethics for an opinion and some feel that ruling severely limits his ability to effectively serve. >> the ad team has learned that jack young could lose his seat, and be fined and cause contracts to become null and void by voting on issues relating to to private entities. >> this is one of those cases where the law parts company with common sense. >> he must recused himself from voting on all matters involving dpw, the city housing authority, the mayor's office of information technology, johns hopkins hospital, and a local head start center. what is the opinion do? >> it basically handcuffs him. >> we examined five months of minutes and found at a to hundred 72 items
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